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The Growth Consultancy

Team Hydro are here to support manufacturers, wholesalers and retail stores operating exclusively in the Specialist Gardening, Horticulture and Hydroponics sectors. We are here to provide a range of exclusive business services including sales, marketing, design, market insight, and product development.

We are led by Jay, supported by Richard, and Ollie. Together, we offer a streamlined, personal and dedicated service that is cermented by a strong network of contacts and relationships within the industry.

Your Marketing Department

Let us take care of your design, print, direct mail and digital marketing requirements. We offer an executive service that delivers exceptional returns and is optimised to perform in our industry.

Your Website Team

We will design, manage and create a website that is fast, well designed and offers a fabulous user experience. We offer all types of website from brochure sites to high-performance e-commerce websites.

Your Sales Consultants

We offer unique and highly successful partnerships with manufacturers, wholesalers and stores enabling them to access a network of freelance sales representatives that will transform your bottom line.

Your Social Media Managers

We are experienced in creating, managing and promoting a good selection of social media networks on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Contact us for a unique proposal.

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